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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Screen Timeout in Windows Server

If you are like me, doing development on servers can be a pain when the screen keeps locking. Having to login again and again gets to be a real pain. I did find the solution for this and while I'd like to send a kudos, I cannot find the original link so I am documenting it here.

The default setting for Windows is to timeout after 1 minute - this can be very agitating when working on something. The purpose of this change is to a) Remove the password requirement and b) Disable the timeout (or  you can set the timeout to something longer like 10 minutes).

To start off with, you MUST login using the Administrator account. While an Admin account can change the Registry, power settings can only be changed by the Administrator.

Step 1: Modify the Registry

By default, the option to change the timeout is not available (and in fact not shown). To get this to show, we have to modify the registry setting to enable it.

Open a command window (running As Administrator) and enter Regedit (or use the Run command). When the Registry opens, navigate to:


Locate the GUID 7516b95f-f776-4464-8c53-06167f40cc99 and expand it. Next locate the GUID 8EC4B3A5-6868-48c2-BE75-4F3044BE88A7 and click to open it. On the right hand side, you'll see "Attributes":

Double click on Attributes and change the value from 1 to 2:

Click OK to save the change and close Regedit.

Step 2: Open the Control Panel

When you open the control panel, use the Search box to search for the word "power" - this will bring up the Power Options. Click on Change power-saving settings:

If you are not the Administrator, you'll know because the options will be grayed out:
As Administrator, this option is enabled - click Change plan settings:
Next, click the Change advanced power settings link:

The first option you can change is the Password on Wakeup - set this to Yes or No:

Scroll down to the 'Display' section - this is where you can set the timeout - by default, this is One Minute:

To disable completely, set this value to 0 otherwise you can set the value to however many minutes you want:

Click the Apply button and close everything out.

That's it! No more timeout!

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Anonymous said...

Very handy tip - thanks!