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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Central Admin - Something Went Wrong - Access Denied

Had a client that was very upset having problems accessing things in Central Administration (often complainer but that's for another post). Reported 'items missing' in CA menus and when trying to retract a solution, kept getting:

Note the key element here: Access denied.

The issue is quite simple - they were not using the "Run as administrator" option when starting CA. There is a way to fix this permanently too (from another one of my posts).

Click Start then right click on the Central Administration icon and select "Open file location":

Right click on the CA link and select Properties:

Click the Advanced... button - click the checkbox next to "Run as administrator" and click OK:

Note that this ONLY applies to the icon - if you add CA to your startup in IE/Chrome/etc., that will still open without the proper permissions.

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