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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

ASP Event ID 1309 SharePoint On-Premise 2016 Error Creating Lookup Field

This event is pretty standard for any 'non-handled' SharePoint Error - this one happens to be related to the inability to create a Lookup field. I had been working with a few apps installing/uninstalling. Suddenly when trying to create a Lookup Field, I get the innocuous ASP Event ID 1309. Looking into the error (you have to read it carefully), I found:

Feature '6b744ecb-82fc-4896-a981-1ad8dc5c47c2' for list template '10000' is not installed in this farm.

I had to check and it only affected one site - not happy about the time I spent on it but it appears that one app had installed a new List using that ID. Deleted the list and emptied the recycle bin. Returned to the site and it Crashed! It actually took a reboot to fix.

You be careful out there!

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