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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

ASP Event ID 1309 SharePoint On-Premise 2016 Error Creating Lookup Field

This event is pretty standard for any 'non-handled' SharePoint Error - this one happens to be related to the inability to create a Lookup field. I had been working with a few apps installing/uninstalling. Suddenly when trying to create a Lookup Field, I get the innocuous ASP Event ID 1309. Looking into the error (you have to read it carefully), I found:

Feature '6b744ecb-82fc-4896-a981-1ad8dc5c47c2' for list template '10000' is not installed in this farm.

I had to check and it only affected one site - not happy about the time I spent on it but it appears that one app had installed a new List using that ID. Deleted the list and emptied the recycle bin. Returned to the site and it Crashed! It actually took a reboot to fix.

You be careful out there!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Office 365/SharePoint Online Content Organizer

I noticed in early May 2017 that the SharePoint Online Content Organizer cannot reliably use "Send to" a different site.

Though the send to locations were correctly created in Admin > Records management and was heavily tested (and seemed to work), oddly the 'location' selection started to 'disappear' when attempting to create Content Rules.

This went from bad to worse when already established rules began failing - returning either 'an error has occurred' or worse, appearing to work but leaving the document(s) in the original Drop Off library.

I reported and demonstrated this multiple times to Microsoft - at this time, there is no fix available.

I will post if the issue is resolved or I get a definitive answer.

Office 365/SharePoint Online Information Management Policies

Be aware - as of early May 2017, the Information Management policies within SharePoint Online are NOT working. After multiple tests, a few things of note:

1) The job to process IM policies doesn't always run on a fixed schedule - I have seen posts where they believe it only runs once a week (!). However, in my testing, I found that to be off; in my tests it took over 2 weeks (approximately 15 days).

2) Issue has been reported to Microsoft.

3) Response from Microsoft - they broke it, not sure when it will be fixed and have disabled the functionality (however, it can still be set up in Online so they didn't disable the entire feature).

I'll post back if I ever hear back.