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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SharePoint Online Library Template Error The SPListItem being updated was not retrieved with all taxonomy fields

So you have multiple site collections in SharePoint Online and decide you want to use a List or Library template that happens to have a Taxonomy (metadata) Column that you want to add to all of your site collections.

You dutifully upload it to the List Template Gallery in a site collection and create a new one. All seems well - views, etc. all look good. But then you go to add an item and you get this:

The SPListItem being updated was not retrieved with all taxonomy fields

Ah....must be a delay or something right? Wrong. When you save a template it embeds the Site Collection ID into the template. This 'breaks' the connection with the taxonomy field because it belongs to the original site. Even though the field is defined in the content hub, the field definition is broken.

Your only choice - recreate the list/library template in each site collection. A pure pain!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

HrcClientLauncher failure - Microsoft Office 365 Support Assistant 3.5

If working with Office 365/SharePoint Online and attempting to troubleshoot something, for example Active Directory Sync you might get an issue when trying to run the "HrcClientLauncher.exe", aka the Microsoft Office 365 Support Assistant.

The symptom is that clicking it does nothing - you get a quick flash and nothing else. If you try to click on the exe and run (even and Administrator), you get the same thing.

Problem is simple - you MUST use Internet Explorer to run this - the HrcClientLauncher program is simply trying to start a download of the Support Assistant and it will not work in other browsers.

Hope that helps someone!