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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

SharePoint 2013 Apps Won't Load

While I've not come across this before when setting up the Apps, specifically the DNS either as a standalone domain or just using a CName record, I did encounter a problem on a local development environment - not sure if this is a 'fix' or simply something as a work around.

In effect, the DNS was setup with a domain of (and tested on the AD/DNS system) but when trying to add an App it returned "The page can't be displayed" even though the nasty URL (thanks MS) is indeed correct:

Everything was checked from both the DNS server and the server hosting SharePoint but nothing seemed wrong:

As a last thought, a ping on the server itself revealed that it was (as is generally normal) returning the IPV6 address:

Just as a guess, I tried adding SharePoint Server name and IPV4 address to the Hosts file on the server:

And viola:

Again, this is just the environment I was in and it is development as well so take the above with a grain of salt - however, it's a pretty painless thing to try if you come across this issue but remember, if it doesn't work, remove whatever you changed and check your settings again.

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