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Monday, April 27, 2015

SharePoint 2013 My Sites: Could not load user profile

In a new or existing farm with My Sites setup, you might encounter that when accessing the my site, SharePoint generates the error "Could not load user profile".

There a number of causes for this, most notably if the User Profile Synchronization service isn't running (or has had a problem) or, as I have found, is often due to services.

The symption is shown when opening a My Site:

So, first thing to check is the UPS service and make sure it is running (both the service and synchronization service). Open the UPS Service Application and try executing a syncrhonization job (incremental should be good enough) - assuming successful, try the My Site again..

Still no luck? Seems every now and then SharePoint likes to stop a service, specifically the ForeFront Identity Manager service. Check this through Administrative Tools > Services:

Notice it is NOT running but IS set to Automatic - go figure. Simply click Start the service. Wait a few minutes and access the My Site again and all should be good!

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