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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Using 'Run as administrator'

Working with Windows 2012/14, SharePoint 2013, Visual Studio 2013/14, etc. on a server, even though logged in with an Administrator account, the permissions in Windows are set so that 90% of the time, it is necesssary to right click on something and choose 'Run as administrator' to get the proper access.

This is really prevalent with SharePoint - from the Command Line to PowerShell to Central Administration, 'Run as administrator' is required.

While I got used to this, turns out the quick fix has been there all along!

The best is to adjust both Shortcuts (like Central Administration) and the actual programs themselves (like PowerShell and Visual Studio (devenv.exe)). To find the exe for a given program, right click on a shortcut and select "Properties" (if Properties is not shown, use Open file location to find the true shortcut). From the Properties window, look at the Target field - that will have the path to the executable or URL link (like CA).

Once you have the shortcut or exe, right click and select Properties - on the Properties pop-up, click the Advanced button then click the checkbox for "Run as administrator" then click OK to save the change.

NOTE: For some items, like DevEnv.exe you can only set the Administrator option on the SHORTCUT. Right click on the shortcut from the Start menu and Open file location. Once there, you can set the Administrator rights on the shortcut there.

From there on, no need to right click anymore!

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