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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Getting a list of all your SharePoint Users 2013

Ever wonder if you get get a current list of all of your users in the SharePoint site? Of course there is PowerShell, but you have to have server access so there's that. However, if you have permission within a site, you can easily get it from the site itself (great if you need to get a list and even copy it to Excel!).

From the site, simply add either:


Shows the "Detail" page (includes "About Me"):



Shows the "Simple" page (does not include "About Me"):

So if your site is http://mysp13 use http://mysp13/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx

Hyper-V SharePoint Servers Lockup

Had to make a note of this since no one seems to know where this is documented 'formally' - however, take it from practice - when using Hyper-V to host a SharePoint server (single server or a farm), using Hyper-V Dynamic Memory, server(s) will lock up at some point and will often prevent logging in - in some cases, requiring a hard shutdown!

This is because while the Dynamic Memory is great for general servers, it can't accomodate for SharePoint timer jobs and other internal activities. When SharePoint 'wakes up' to do something, the memory isn't allocated fast enough so SharePoint thinks the server is dead.

I personally discovered this after taking over a farm setup by Microsoft (a Hyper-V expert). Despite a perfect SharePoint installation, the farm was constantly having issues; odd errors, services failing, etc. After many, many hours of testing I finally proved to them what the issue was.

So word to the wise - DON'T use it, regardless of what anyone says!!