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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Visual Studio Project Upgrade keeps popping up

I've seen a bunch of posts for this but hate having to search again when this occurs. The issue is simple: You open a Visual Studio 2010 in 2012 or 13 (or older project in 2015/2017) and the project prompts you to convert. Once done you'd think it's all set but no, when you close it and attempt to open the project again, it does another convert!

Since I hate searching for the fix myself when I forget what it was, here it is in all the glory:

   1) Open the project folder and locate the .csproj file

   2) Edit this in notepad and locate the FileUpgradeFlag tag - this will probably look something like this (note that the number may be different but 40 seems to be common):

   3) Simply remove the number here so that the line looks like:

   4) Save the file and close notepad (or whatever editor you used)

   5) Open the project again by using Visual Studio 'Run as administrator' and opening up the project using the Solution (.sln) file

Viola, project opens normally and does not prompt you to convert!

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