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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Automatic Refresh Fails in Windows Server 2012, Server Manager Kerberos Authentication Failed

Automatic Refresh fails in Windows Server 2012 when servers are in Clusters or in Server Manager added server shows "Kerberos Authentication Failed"

Had this issue when trying to setup a cluster in VMWare. It was a pretty odd error - when the server booted, the Server Manager showed a Red Flag with the message 'Refresh Failed'. In viewing the servers (All Servers), the second server indicated "Kerberos Authentication Failed". Oddly enough, in checking the 2nd server, low and behold, no errors at all. 

Issue turns out to be VERY simple - you MUST be logged in as a domain account that is included in the Administrators (i.e. Local Users and Groups Administrators) group; you cannot use any local system account. 

If you need to use the local administrator account for some reason, you can disregard these errors.


Joseph Turley said...

That was super dang helpful this evening. After banging my head against a wall, this clued me in. Thank you!

David M. Sterling said...

Had to admit, I forgot about this and always funny to stumble on your own blog for a fix!