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Friday, August 2, 2013

VMWare Error: Error in the RPC receive loop: RpcIn: Unable to send

With VMWare ESX and VMWare Workstation, you might encounter this error flooding the Windows Application event log (the error appears repeatedly in the server - every second or so!):

[ warning] [vmusr:vmusr] Error in the RPC receive loop: RpcIn: Unable to send.

or another error:

[ warning] [vmusr:vmtoolsd] Failed registration of app type 2 (Signals) from plugin unity.

This is a known bug for VMWare due to a Configuration file missing.  

UPDATE: The below might work for you however, I found that on a few systems, creating the file does NOT correct the errors. On these systems, I was able to correct by doing a VMWare Tools Repair (i.e. Control Panel > Programs and Features, click on VMWare Tools and select Repair instead of uninstall) - interestingly enough, the repair operation REMOVED the Tools.conf file. 

Flaky - very flaky. 

My suggestion - try running the repair first, do a reboot of the VM and if the problem on:

In the VMWare Tools folder (C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools), check for a file called "tools.conf"; if not found, create a new text file (called tools.conf) and add the following code:

log = true
# Enable tools service logging to vmware.log
vmsvc.level = debug 
vmsvc.handler = vmx
# Enable new "vmusr" service logging to vmware.log
vmusr.level = error
vmusr.handler = vmx
# Enable "Volume Shadow Copy" service logging to vmware.log
vmvss.level = debug
vmvss.handler = vmx

Note that these two: 

vmsvc.level = debug 
vmvss.level = debug

Can also be set to 'error' (logs more items).

After saving & closing the file, open the Services console (Start > Administrative Tools > Services) or use Start > Run then enter Services.msc.

Locate the VMTools service and start it if stopped or do restart (stop/start) if already running. Note that a reboot may be required!

In some cases this does NOT fix the immediate problem so it may require one additional step: Open the Services console and locate the VMWare Snapshot Provider service. Change the setting from Manual to Automatic and make sure it is started. Be aware however, that the message:

[ warning] [vmusr:vmtoolsd] Failed registration of app type 2 (Signals) from plugin unity.

May still appear (but only once on a reboot). Since it is a warning, it's reasonably safe to assume it is OK.


Anonymous said...

FYI this was the first reference I found in about 10-12 search results that states a reboot was required. My situation worked the same way. Creation of file, restart of service changed nothing. Only reboot resolved.

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