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Thursday, August 2, 2012

VMWare Virtuals Lock up for no reason

Another tip for VMWare users - you might notice that on some Windows 2008 R2 installations, that sometimes the system(s) will lock up forcing you to forcibly shut down the box or try logging in using the VMWare Console. If you can log in, it will eventually lock up again.

It seems that the culprit is the SVGA Driver from the VMWare Tools - it seems to have some kind of a conflict with the internal drivers and every now and again causes the lock up. The fix is simple:

Log in and immediately uninstall the VMWare Tools (Start > Control Panels > Uninstall a Program - or Programs and Features). This will cause a reboot.

When the reboot completes, log back in and then install the VMWare Tools again - this time, select Custom install and disable the SVGA driver from installing. Continue the install as usual and you will again reboot.

On restart, log in again - you may see the generic SVGA driver installation message.

Done - problem solved.


Anonymous said...

I have been having this problem with one VM in particular. I have uninstalled VMware Tools completely, and the lockups stopped. How do you know for sure it is the SVGA?

David M. Sterling said...

Trial and error - removing each component - it was the SVGA that always caused the problem.

David M. Sterling said...

BTW - the default Video Drivers are just fine. It is after all, a server.