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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where is that darn Disk Cleanup in Windows 2008?

Like most Windows folks, you are likely familiar with the good old 'Disk Cleanup' feature for Windows but you may have noticed, in Windows 2008 (and R2) it is nowhere to be found.
Alas, it simply is not installed by default - to install it, you need to add a Windows Feature (via Server Manager) and add Desktop Experience. Enable that (it will require the 'Ink' feature as well) and reboot. However, it won't show up as a friendly icon - to access it, open a new command window (run as Administrator) and enter cleanmgr.exe then hit return.

FYI: Why would you do this? Well W2008 hides most of the files it uses for updates, etc. and they cannot be deleted. This means you end up with a lot of junk on the server no matter how much you try to clean up. Case in point: Last SharePoint server I cleaned up - 3.6GB of junk removed BTW - if you are worried about overhead, particularly with SharePoint - worry not! It has to be enabled for PowerPoint libraries to work anyway (that's another post here)!

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