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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Borders on images in the Summary Links Part SharePoint 2010

A first, a client recently reported having difficulties with a Border showing up around images when using the SharePoint 2010 Summary Links part. Thinking it was something quick, we tried adding a style update to the master, the page layout and even tried the content editor part with no luck. I did some digging around and finally found the 'correct' answer from a post by Amit Kumar. The real reason for this problem is that the XSL for this part is rendered separately as a server side control; by the time the page is rendered and styles kick in it is too late. It does appear that it has to do with IE8/IE9 settings somehwere - not all users experience the problem.

The fix is quite simple - open the Site in SharePoint Designer, open the Style Library then the XSL Style Sheets folder and edit the SummaryLinkMain.xsl style sheet. Search for 'presense-status-icon' and you'll find the style as follows: 

<span class="presence-status-icon">
<img src="/_layouts/images/imnhdr.gif" onload="{concat($prefix, @SipAddress, $suffix)}" ShowOfflinePawn="1" id="{concat('MWP_pawn_',$slw_clientid,'_',$id,',type=sip')}"/>

Now modify the <img tag and add 'border="0"' as follows: 

<span class="presence-status-icon">
<img src="/_layouts/images/imnhdr.gif" border="0" onload="{concat($prefix, @SipAddress, $suffix)}" ShowOfflinePawn="1" id="{concat('MWP_pawn_',$slw_clientid,'_',$id,',type=sip')}"/>

Save and check in (very important) the file and you should be good to go. Note that you 'might' have to run an IIS reset and/or dump IE cache.

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