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Thursday, June 2, 2011

SharePoint displays users as Domain\Username instead of Display Name

Recently had a client discover that SharePoint 2010 was displaying users as domain\username instead of the Display Name as it is in Active Directory; oddly it wasn't all accounts either. After some deep searching, I found the following fix. Using the SharePoint Command Shell do the following:

1) If the problem only appears with a single user, you can update a single account like so:

Set-SPUser -Identity ‘domain\Username’ –Web http://<URL To Site> –SyncFromAD

2) If all (or a lot) of the uesrs you can do it by the following:

Get-SPUser –Web http://<URL to Site> | Set-SPUser –SyncFromAD

The above will reset all users FOR THAT SPECIFIC URL; if you have additional site collections (i.e. Managed Paths), you have to run it on those URL's as well.

NOTE: You will often get an error for 'invalid' accounts such as Local Service - you can generally ignore the message as long as users show up correctly.
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