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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unable to add DLL to the GAC (windows/assembly) - GAC Access Denied

Had an issue with a client on not being able to add a DLL to the GAC on a production machine though an Administrator and Domain Admin...Found a great post on this here: - to wit:

Have you ever got that annoying "Access Denied" when using Gacutils  to ad an dll to GAC? Well....I have. The reason to my problem was that (as the error says) I had no access to add dll:s into it. I am administrator on my machine, so I think it´s a little bit confusing.

This command did it for me:
CACLS c:\WINDOWS\assembly /e /t /p [DOMAIN|MACHINENAME]\useraccount:F

CACLS is an application that can display or modify the Access Control List (ACLs) of files.

So, what I´m telling my OS (Windows XP) is that my user (machinename\useraccount) should have full rights (the :F after my user) to the WINDOWS\assembly (GAC) folder. /e tells CACLS that I want to edit ACL instead of replacing it. /t tells it that those changes should be applied to this folder and it´s subfolders. /p tells the application that my users access rights should be replaced.

For more info, type CACLS /? in CMD.

FYI: In Vista CACLS is deprecated. Use Icacls instead.

Thanks to Martin Andersson for the Post...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bug in SharePoint 2010 Terms

If you are using Terms to create Site Columns, you'll find that there's a little bug in the way the terms work. If you have multiple levels, i.e. State/City, works fine. If you have a single level, i.e. Country, it DOES NOT WORK when activated through a feature event. You can do it programatically just fine (i.e. a Console application) but it will not work when attempting to create using Feature Activation. The only way to correct is to create a double level - i.e. World, Country but since that hardly fixes it, you have to rely on creating Site Columns - even if you have to replicate them across sites.