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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Unable to run Repair on SharePoint installation

Should you need to run a Repair operation on MOSS or WSS, it usually works well and can fix some unusual problems. However, on some in cases, you may encounter an error that looks like this:

In specific (in case you can't read the image), the message is:

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 configuration did not complete succesfully.
An installation package for the product Microsoft Office Shared Coms English Language Pack cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package 'osrvmui.msi'.
The cause is painfully simple - during the Repair operation the original installation media (DVD/ISO) MUST BE Mounted before hand. Unlike Microsoft Office, when the repair operation checks for this file, rather than request the media, it simply fails the operation.

A bit of an opener...

While I've usually very little time to keep up a blog, this one will be a start of some tidbits that I come across in the various projects and development SICG does.

Some of these will be notes that I was unable to add to my book, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 The Complete Reference. While impressive at 800 pages, the original manuscript was over 1700 pages - a lot had to be cut down due to publishing requirements.

I hope you'll find these tidbits useful!